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Organic Acacia is a natural dietary fiber derived from the Gum Acacia. It can be consumed either in direct powdered form or, being highly soluble in water and other food products can be dissolved in other food items.

Organic Acacia in the powdered form is one of the best medical foods doctors recommend today for relieving conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and diarrhea. IBS and spastic colon characterized by abdominal pain and bowel disorders get fast and effective relief when powdered Organic Acacia is ingested by the patient. Organic Acacia powder, today available in most medical shops and pharmacies, is a soluble prebiotic fiber capable of increasing good gut flora and reducing abnormal conditions like colonic fermentation, gas production and bloating.

Along with Acacia Powder, acacia honey and Gum Acacia are also commonly used forms of Organic Acacia. During early winter, branches and trunks of acacia plants spontaneously secrete acacia gum and when sufficiently deep incisions are made in the bark of the plant, the Gum Acacia flow is highly stimulated and substantial quantities of gum is secreted. The gum of Organic Acacia generally thickens and hardens as it flows down the tree trunk. Once the optimum flow of Organic Acacia gum is obtained, the product is collected either while still sticking to the tree trunk or when it has fallen on the ground in solidified forms. The gum of Organic Acacia thus collected is then packaged and transported as due to the Organic Acacia plant’s medical properties, the products are in high demand in the medical market of the world. Gum Acacia is primarily used as a soothing agent for various body systems. When dissolved in water and ingested Gum Acacia has the capacity to sooth any types of inflamed surface (be it respiratory, digestive or urinary tracts).

Diluted or flavored, Organic Acacia powder, when taken by a patient of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), dysentery or diarrhea helps in regulating bowel motility and relieves abdominal pain and constipation. Pure Organic Acacia products are organic matters with no psylllium, citric acid, insoluble fibers or artificial sweetener added. They should be natural, un-hydrolyzed with no external colors, flavors or tastes added. There should not be any odor or grit consistency and the Organic Acacia product should be soluble in liquids and soft foods completely without causing any risk of choking to the user.

When no additional stimulants are added to Organic Acacia products, they are completely safe for daily consumption both by adults and children.

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