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Antioxidants: Bilberry extract, grape see extract, citrus bioflavonoid, redwine extract pine bark extract, green tea extract, mangosteen extract, noni extract and pomegranate extract.

While oxygen is one of the most essential elements required for running different systems of the human body, an excess amount of oxidants when present as free radicals in the human system can cause harmful side effects, cell damage and if not treated promptly can even lead to the development of different types of chronic illnesses. Along with alcoholic beverages, cigarette smoke and unhealthy foods consciously consumed, oxidants may enter the human body even when exposed to too much sun, pollution or dealing with excess stress. Oxidation occurring within the body, over time breaks down healthy cells like deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA), proteins and fats. As healthy cells are damaged, gradually the body’s immunity is reduced and susceptibility to diseases like cataracts, some forms of cancer and heart diseases is comparatively increased. It is to reduce these harmful effects of oxidants that Antioxidants need to be incorporated in the daily diet. By binding themselves with harmful oxidants, Antioxidants reduce their destructive powers and at times, can also help cells to repair damage already faced by them.

Some Antioxidants like superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione are naturally produced in the body. By breaking down oxidants to hydrogen peroxides and the latter to water, minute oxygen particles and gases, Antioxidants help in the elimination of toxins from the body as waste matter.

Different types of fruits and leafy vegetables rich in vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E supply the body with its required quota of Antioxidants. While fruits and vegetables containing citric acid like oranges, lemons, grapes and tomatoes supply the body with vitamin C, others like carrots, red peppers and spinach supply the body with other vitamins and antioxidants. Along with whole fruits and vegetables, extracts prepared from them are also found to be highly capable of supplying the body with its required level of Antioxidants. Bilberry extract, grape see extract, citrus bioflavonoid, redwine extract, pine bark extract, green tea extract, mangosteen extract, noni extract and pomegranate extract and Organic Acacia are some of the most common sources of Antioxidants used today.

Modern medical research has revealed that when regularly taken as part of the diet, Antioxidants can help preventing different types of chronic diseases and help in maintaining a healthy system throughout life. This is one of the reasons why nutritionists and dietitians recommend their patients to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables and make them a regular part of their daily diets

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