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Organic Almond is the fruit of a deciduous tree native to Asia and North Africa. Belonging to the family Rosaceae and subfamily Prunoideae the organic almond is technically closer to the peach family than the nut category. Organic Almond consists of a leathery coating containing a hardened pit which contains the edible kernel or almond nut. While the stony outer shell is termed as the endocarp, the fruit contained inside is called the exocarp. Organic Almond trees can be characterized by their long serrated-edged leaves and white or pale pink flowers.

Organic Almond is generally sweet or bitter. Along with Indian Gum and Fiber Gum like Organic Acacia, sweet Organic Almond is consumed as food products and is added as food ingredients to numerous Asian dishes and desserts. While roasted sweet almonds are consumed as a snack, the ground Organic Almond paste is often added as food ingredients to different culinary preparations and beverage and chopped almonds are commonly used for garnishing cakes and desserts. Organic Almond butter is one of the healthiest and tastiest products that can be eaten either spread on other food items like breads or as a filling for different types of health snacks, Food Bars, chocolates and confectionaries.

In contrast to sweet Organic Almond, bitter almonds need to be thoroughly processed before it can be used in any form. Bitter Organic Almond contains a toxic substance known as prussic acid which if further refined produces poisonous cyanide. Therefore, even a handful of bitter Organic Almond can cause death. Once thoroughly processed and the prussic acid is eliminated, bitter Organic Almond is often used for manufacturing different types of body oils, soaps and cosmetic products as almonds being a rich source of protein is highly beneficial for maintaining good skin and health.

Organic Almond is rich in mono-saturated fats and antioxidants which are capable of protecting the human system from harmful free radicals occurring naturally within the human system and having the potential of damaging healthy living cells. Their high protein, calcium, vitamin E, monosaturated fats (which can reduce the level of harmful cholesterols in blood) and fiber content enhances better colon health and better provision of digestible proteins. Also having a high content of arginine and no lysine Organic Almond are highly capable of promoting cardiovascular health.

Containing minerals like magnesium and phosphorus Organic Almond help in strengthening bones and teeth and help in keeping blood circulation smooth and healthy. As they are rich in manganese and copper Organic Almond also provide us with a lot of energy and protection against harmful oxidants.

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